Individual School Results

Each year, M-DCPS conducts the School Climate Surveys involving parents, students, and staff. The purpose of these surveys is to gather information regarding what these groups think about the schools and their perceptions concerning how the schools can be improved.

Below are the results of the School Climate Surveys for 2018-2019. The results are sorted by school number within each of the following ten (10) drop-down menus.  Typically, each individual school report contains four pages: a Demographic page and a summary page for each of the three (3) responding groups: parents, students, and staff.

Each survey summary page includes the results for that particular school as well as the results for all schools at the same organizational level or focus (i.e., Elementary, K-8 centers, Middle, Senior High, Vocational/Adult Education, and/or alternative/special centers).

Please note that some schools may not have data reported for a particular responding group, for reasons such as: a) the survey was not administered because it was not appropriate for the population (e.g., students in grades 3 and below did not complete the surveys), or b) simply the school did not participate in all surveys.

NOTE: The opinions offered in the surveys represent anonymous and self-reported perceptions on the part of parents, students, and staff and may not precisely reflect the actual situation at a school. However, these opinions represent a reality to the respondents and should afford insight into the impression a school is making on the local community. If you have any further questions about the survey, please contact ARDA at (305) 995-7091.



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